School district acknowledges police call after previously denying incident

The Durango Herald: Two Durango School District 9-R employees issued separate letters Sunday in response to an incident last month at Needham Elementary School where a district administrator had police called on her for reportedly trespassing.

The letters by Superintendent Dan Snowberger and Needham Principal Jennifer McKenna came after The Durango Herald reported last week about an Oct. 19 incident, in which McKenna directed her assistant to call 911 because the district’s spokeswoman, Julie Popp, was not allowed at Needham and was trespassing.

Snowberger and McKenna refused to discuss the incident when the Herald asked each for comment and even denied an incident took place at the elementary school.

The Herald provided Snowberger and McKenna with a call detail report from the Durango Police Department and an audio recording of the 911 call to police dispatch.

Snowberger denied that Popp was banned from Needham and disputed that the incident took place.

In an email McKenna sent to the Herald on Nov. 5, she wrote: “I have no knowledge of such an incident at Needham.”

But in the letters sent Sunday by Snowberger to 9-R staff and McKenna to Needham parents, both acknowledge an incident took place, and both provided some details about what they say happened. But both letters also contradict the call detail report and the 911 dispatch recording.

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