First Amendment

Wrap-up: Tally of open-government losses in 2024 Colorado legislative session could’ve been higher

It could have been worse. While open-government losses far outnumbered wins in the 2024 session of the Colorado General Assembly, the death of a burdensome Colorado Open Records Act bill in the closing days helped make the final tally a little less one-sided.

An open letter regarding the unwarranted ouster of journalist Sandra Fish from the Colorado Republican state assembly

Journalism serves as the cornerstone of a vibrant and functioning democracy, providing citizens with the information necessary to make informed decisions. The forcible removal of Ms. Fish from the assembly, under the pretext that her reporting was unfavorably viewed by the party’s chairman, stands in stark contrast to the principles of freedom of speech and the press enshrined in our Constitution. 

Colorado Supreme Court reverses appeals court ruling that CFOIC, news associations argued would chill attorneys’ speech about class-action suits

A Denver attorney’s comments to the press about a federal class-action lawsuit were protected by the litigation privilege, which immunizes a lawyer who makes allegedly defamatory statements related to a civil court case, the Colorado Supreme Court decided, reversing a 2021 ruling by the Court of Appeals.