Future uncertain for Denver service that runs public-access media for thousands

The Colorado Independent: Next month Denver will shake up its public-access resource for media production and training.

What that shake-up looks like, and the next location of the service — which allows for more than 2,000 citizen- and nonprofit-produced shows and podcasts a year to be broadcast over local channels — aren’t yet clear.

What is clear: The city’s contract with Denver’s Open Media Foundation, which runs public access, expires Dec. 19 and is not being renewed.

The city is working on a “transition” plan away from Open Media and toward an as-yet unknown solution that Jenny Schiavone, the city’s marketing director, said will ensure the existing level of service for public-access clients — something Open Media’s director, Tony Shawcross, doubts is possible, at this point.

“We are working on an interim transition plan so we can make sure we’re not disrupting services to the community,” Schiavone said. “We’re putting in every stopgap that we can.”

Schiavone said she did not know yet where the services would be housed as of Dec. 20. There is some chance, she said, that those services would go dark for a time.

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