Polis signs electioneering communications bill into law

Colorado Politics: A bill to tighten up the law around campaign communications that have slipped under the radar of Colorado’s campaign finance system was signed into law Tuesday.

Senate Bill 68 makes two changes to how campaign mailers and other printed materials disclose who pays for them.

The law closes the door on a loophole for communications delivered between a primary election and 60 days before the general election, a problem that surfaced in 2016 after lawmakers moved the state’s primary from August* to June.

Current law requires that communications sent out by candidates and campaign committees during certain periods clearly identify the candidate and who paid for the communications — that’s the “paid for by” line you see on TV ads or on mailers or social media.

In addition, communications about a candidate must disclose who paid for it and whether the candidate is supported or opposed. This information is contained in campaign finance reports filed with the Secretary of State’s TRACER system.

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