Editorial: Show us the transparency

Herald Democrat (Leadville): Here’s a question for you. How many days, weeks or months have to pass between when a candidate runs for office claiming that they will bring total transparency to the job and the time, after being elected, that they decide maybe transparency isn’t such a good idea after all?

Apparently it depends on the individual in question and the matter under consideration.

And in the case of some, it never happens. Reelect these people.

We are saddened by the recent action of the Lake County Board of County Commissioners to eliminate commentary from meeting minutes. The minutes now will just include the motion, second and vote of each commissioner. Apparently it’s not good enough to include comments taken directly off the recording of the meeting, and it’s not good enough to include an interpretation of what was said. All minutes have to be approved, which should give any commissioner an opportunity to clarify anything in the minutes before they are approved. Guess that’s not good enough either.

We believe that eliminating the meat from the minutes is not the answer.

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