Opinion: Few answers from Rocky Mountain Human Services

From The Denver Post:  Trouble continues at Rocky Mountain Human Services, the nonprofit that provides services to people with developmental disabilities in Denver.

Weeks ago, RMHS — formerly called Denver Options — reported it had an undisclosed budget deficit, expenses were being cut 10 percent across the board, and founder Stephen Block was placed on paid leave.

It has been confirmed that chief financial officer Ted Hernandez, who was with the organization for 20 years, resigned.

Earlier this month, the nonprofit missed scheduled June payments to many of its service providers. That left people who count on the money for their businesses wondering how they will pay their bills.

“We have over a week to come up with $120,000 and we aren’t getting any answers,” said one service provider who didn’t want to give his name out of fear of retribution. He later said the payment eventually came in.

The nonprofit is contracted as one of the state’s community-centered boards to provide crucial services to the area’s most vulnerable citizens, and is funded almost entirely with public money.

Its annual revenue of nearly $48 million includes $13 million from Denver property taxes, $6 million from the state’s general fund, and $19 million from Medicaid.

Denver officials recently asked for and received documents they will review to see whether RMHS is complying with its contract and properly spending the mill levy money.

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