Ethics commission wouldn’t change ways of Ouray school board

From the Ouray County Plaindealer: A new senate bill could sharpen the edges of both the Colorado Open Records Act and the Sunshine Law with regard to how school boards operate across the state.

Senate Bill 16-101 would allow an individual to file CORA- and open meeting-related complaints against a school board with a school board ethics commission.

Without a mid-level commission to hear appeals now, an individual must file a lawsuit in district court when records requests are not fulfilled or when open meetings violations occur.

SB 16-101 would open up an easier path to enforcing current law by allowing the proposed ethics commission to consider complaints and vote to determine if a violation had occurred.
A violation could result in a school board action becoming void, a fine or a board member censure.

Andy Kerr (D-Lakewood) introduced the bill in the senate two weeks ago and said it would allow for school board transparency to become more readily enforceable by the public.

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