Should disability boards that take taxpayer money have their records open?

From FOX31 (Denver):  Ever since last December and the release of the Rocky Mountain Human Services Audit — some have wondered — should Community Centered Boards (CCB’s) have their records released to the public.

AS we reported at the time, Rocky Mountain Human Services was found to have been allocating taxpayer money to help pay for employees Costco Memberships and home internet bills.

Stacy Warden says all CCB’s need to be held accountable. Warden’s son Noah has severe Cerebral Palsy.

“Noah is severely disabled so he requires 24/7 care,” Warden said.

For assistance, Warden goes to another CCB in the state Imagine! where she claims officials have overcharged her family for services, wasting taxpayer money.

“That’s a very troubling thing as a parent to see that,” Warden told FOX31 political reporter Joe St. George.

For that reason, as well as the Rocky Mountain Audit, Warden is supporting a bill in the general assembly that would make CCB’s compliant to Colorado’s Open Record Law.

“I was amazed at what percentage of community centered boards actually get from federal state and local government,” State Senator Irene Aguilar said.

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