Denver mayor declines to discipline police chief for his handling of open records case

The Denver Post: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said Monday that he will not discipline the police Chief Robert White for his actions in the denial of a 2016 open records request or a 2017 car chase where another person was injured.

Although the chief’s actions did not warrant discipline, the mayor said he should have exercised more professionalism and “clarity in his conduct,” according to a news release.

“I have spoken with Chief White to make it abundantly clear that, as a trusted leader of this community, he must hold himself to the highest standard,” Hancock said. “The Chief should have exercised more professionalism in these instances, but his conduct did not rise to the level of discipline. I truly believe that Denver has an honorable and dedicated Police Chief in Robert White. He values accountability, he prioritizes doing the right thing and he cares deeply about the police department and people of Denver.”

They mayor’s release did not address the conduct of Deputy Chief Matt Murray, who also has been under investigation for his response to the open records request.

The two denied having possession of a letter that former District Attorney Mitch Morrissey had sent White that was critical of Murray’s handling of an internal investigation. The two have been accused of deceiving the public and some of their co-workers when they denied having the letter, which eventually was found by the chief’s secretary.

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