Saguache County admits violating open meetings law

Center Post Dispatch: Saguache County administration official Wendi Maez wrote in an email last week that she was “incorrect concerning the requirement for recording executive sessions for personnel matters,” referring to an executive session held Feb. 14.

Maez continued in the email: “I was under the impression that if the matter involved the personnel that were in the session, and they were aware that it was not being recorded, this it was acceptable. Therefore that personnel executive session in question was not recorded. I will from this point forward make it my responsibility to make sure all executive sessions are recorded with the exception of legal session.”

She then offered to provide a summary of the discussion or answer questions concerning what was discussed.
Maez told the Center Post-Dispatch reporter during a BoCC meeting March 20 the county was under no obligation to record meetings involving personnel matters and had made no recording of an executive session held during a BoCC work session Feb. 14. The notice for the meeting on the county’s website stated:

“Saguache County Commissioners, (2-14) 9:30 a.m. work session — Executive Session for personnel (CRS – SEC24-402(4)(f)(I); Land Use and Code Enforcement.” The executive session was the only item on the agenda.
When commissioners arrived for the meeting Feb. 14 at about 9:40 a.m., no official statement convening the meeting as either a work session or a special meeting was made. A unanimous vote was cast to go into executive session to discuss “the code enforcement job description.” No further information concerning the purpose of the meeting was offered to the public. No citation of the applicable statue was given prior to the session.

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