Colorado DAs not reporting school-crime data, despite 2012 law

From North Forty News (Larimer County): Nineteen of the state’s 22 district attorneys offices charged with enforcing Colorado’s laws are not complying with a 2012 law that requires reports on criminal offenses committed by K-12 students on school grounds or at school events. The reporting requirements of the law were enacted to measure the effects of eliminating the so-called zero-tolerance school-to-prison pipeline.

The 2012 School Finance Act and School Discipline Act, signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper in May, 2012, required district attorneys to file annual reports detailing number and types of offenses filed in court, disposition of each case, age, gender, school, race or ethnicity of each student prosecuted, the number of and types of offenses referred to the district attorney by law enforcement but not prosecuted, and number of offenders referred to juvenile-diversion programs.

The law specifies that the annual reports shall detail “information about offenses alleged to have been committed by a student that have occurred on school grounds…during the preceding 12 months” and shall be reported “on or before Aug. 1, 2013 and on or before each Aug. 1 thereafter.”

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