Editorial: Council excludes public when meeting behind closed doors

From The Gazette:  We hear a lot from the City Council about the need to include the public in nearly all matters of public process. It’s an attractive, popular and ethical message that deserves support.

The council majority has highlighted its open process mentality with a false narrative that says City for Champions, a community proposal for four developments to increase tourism, has been planned in secret. Of course, the council neglects to acknowledge the dozens of public meetings that have encouraged public input. The council members have failed to document the insinuated smoke-filled room in which decisions are made without involvement.

It’s great that the council wants transparency and open process, but we should value the actions of politicians more than their words.

The council met Monday in another of its notorious closed meetings, this time for two hours and 26 minutes. One member of the council said some of the discussion should have been open to the public, but she declined to elaborate.

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