With proclamation, Denver council voices support for local journalism amid pressures

The Denver Post: The Denver City Council on Monday voiced support for journalism at a time when local outlets have weathered repeated job cuts, partisan attacks and other pressures.

Its proclamation, approved 12-0, urges owners of local media organizations “to provide their journalists with all of the resources necessary to carrying out their essential role in civic debate and discourse.”

The document also says council members recognize the need “to be transparent in our conduct of the business of the people” and to be forthright with journalists.

Councilman Kevin Flynn, a former Rocky Mountain News reporter, drafted the proclamation. It’s aimed at supporting an effort by the Denver Newspaper Guild’s Local 37074, whose members include employees in the newsroom and some other divisions at The Denver Post and the Pueblo Chieftain. Guild members recently have affirmed their commitment to uphold their responsibility to inform the public, hold the powerful accountable and expose corruption.

Flynn recalled that during his more than three decades in journalism, newspapers as well as TV stations and other organizations had more robust newsrooms.

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