Opinion: Outing records seekers is ‘mean and petty’

The Denver Gazette: I run a little Facebook page where I regularly write about things political and media. As part of that work, I have on multiple occasions made public-records requests under the Colorado Open Records Act, or “CORA.” I have worked with others on their requests and helped neophytes learn how to do their own.

I’ve CORA’d far and wide: I’ve checked in at local and state level offices, executive and legislative offices, school districts and police departments. I believe ordinary citizens like myself have a part to play in looking through government records and holding public servants accountable; what your public servants do with your money is not just for lawyers and journalists. That’s one reason why I was disappointed at recent events.

A local television personality recently won a court case that allowed him to get the name of a CORA requester who had, at the instigation of the school board itself, withdrawn his request prior to its fulfillment. This same television personality then splashed the name of this individual all over his show.

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