OK zoomer: First virtual Denver City Council meeting a tech disaster

Westword (Denver): At the beginning of the April 6 Denver City Council meeting, Councilman Chris Hinds noted that he and other members were about to do something unprecedented: “I am so excited to be part of history. Tonight, we are doing our first virtual conference in the history of Denver City Council. I am excited to be here, to participate. I’m excited to have my colleagues here as well.”

For the first time, members were allowed to call in to Denver City Council’s weekly meeting. The emergency rules facilitating this format had been approved at the end of March, allowing for virtual meetings to help stop the spread of COVID-19. While seven members of council had opted to come to the Denver City & County Building (where they observed proper social-distancing protocol in council chambers), six called in via Zoom.

“I’m excited that we will have no technical glitches at all,” Hinds predicted.

And that’s when the chaos began.

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