New sheriff releases secret body cam video of Christopher ‘Matt’ Poer’s death

CBS4 (Denver): The new sheriff in Elbert County, Tim Norton, has released to CBS4 previously-suppressed body camera footage of the controversial 2018 death of Christopher ‘Matt’ Poer.

”I don’t see what there was to hide, plain and simple,” he said.

The previous sheriff, Shayne Heap, had refused to release the video to CBS4 citing a litany of reasons to keep the video under wraps. But three months after taking over the sheriff’s department, Norton and Elbert County undersheriff Dave Fisher shared the 30 minute video with CBS4 hoping to dispel rumors and suspicion that have surrounded Poer’s death at the hands of Elbert County deputies.

“I don’t see any reason for holding it back,” said Norton.

“The aura is they (the deputies) killed this guy and that’s not what happened,” Fisher said.

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