Lawsuit: Denver police violated rights by taking protester’s phone

From The Denver Post:  A woman who is active in the Front Range’s protest community has sued a Denver police commander for taking her cell phone during a April 2015 demonstration that turned violent.

The lawsuit also said that the Denver Police Department only recently instructed its officers to allow people to take pictures and record videos of police actions.

Jessica Benn of Fort Collins is asking for an unspecified amount in damages because police violated her constitutional right to protest and her Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable police searches and seizures.

Benn and her husband, Jesse Benn, participated in a protest against police brutality near Civic Center to show solidarity with Freddie Gray, who died as result of injuries sustained while in police custody in Baltimore. During the protest, Denver police used pepper spray on the crowd and arrested 11 people after an officer was knocked off his motorcycle.

Sonny Jackson, a Denver police spokesman, said he could not comment on the pending litigation.

Visit The Denver Post for more.

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