In De’Von Bailey’s case, body cameras have the power to exonerate and condemn police

KUNC (Greeley): Police body camera video that shows the shooting of De’Von Bailey tells two stories. To a grand jury, it exonerated the actions of Colorado Springs police officers last summer. To Rep. Leslie Herod, a Democrat pivotal to the crafting of Colorado’s expansive new police accountability law, it shows what the police did wrong.

“I don’t believe that he should have been shot in the back. Period,” Herod said. “He was running away. He should not have been shot.”

Police approached 19-year-old Bailey, who is Black, and another Black man about a street robbery on Aug. 3. An officer ordered the men to put their hands up.

“We got a report of two people, similar descriptions, possibly having a gun. All right?” the officer said, according to body camera footage released 12 days after the incident amid public outcry. “So don’t reach for your waist. We’re just going to check and make sure you don’t have a weapon.”

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