Groups wait years for Air Force Academy records

From the Colorado Springs Independent:  The Independent has waited 18 months for a response to a Freedom of Information Act records request in the past from the Air Force Academy. But the experience of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is even more frustrating.

MRFF has waited since 2011 for a response from the Academy to its 2011 records request for all records it has on him, his wife, his daughter-in-law and two sons, and also an MRFF client, David Mullin, who sued the Academy in federal court for discrimination and won a settlement.

Now, the Academy tells the group the final batch of records are to be released in June in this letter: 2013_01717_F_2n_Interim_Reply_FOIA_Case.pdf

MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein is understandably vexed, if vexed is a strong enough a word to use to describe the frenzied state Weinstein can reach when dealing with the Academy.

“The Air Force Academy is built on, ‘We will not we will not lie, cheat or steal,'” he says, quoting the Academy’s honor code “I’ve been asking for this for years under federal statute. It is now years later. The Academy is lying about the process, they are cheating by violating the statute and they are stealing, both time and justice. In the 11 years I’ve been fighting them, this is the worst example of lying, stealing and cheating I’ve seen.”

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