Editorial: Transparency of data dashboard is good for justice

The Daily Sentinel: The 21st Judicial District Attorney’s Office is among the most transparent prosecutor’s offices in the country, with nearly all data from its case management system now searchable on a publicly accessible web-based dashboard.

No surprise there, given D.A. Dan Rubinstein’s long-standing commitment to be the most transparent government entity in Mesa County. But achieving this level of transparency took a little good fortune.

Nationwide, only about one in four D.A.’s offices publicly share data, often because of technical limitations. Colorado is one of the few states in the country where all prosecutors use the same case management system statewide, making it an attractive partner for the Microsoft Justice Initiative. Microsoft has the technical wherewithal to vacuum data from the state and create an interface that can help the public understand the forces that shape prosecutorial discretion and criminal justice outcomes.

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