Editorial: The Colorado Judicial Department scandal looks bad and we deserve to know what happened

The Denver Post: The public needs questions answered about the scandal rocking Colorado’s Judicial Department.

Two top officials have resigned in response to an investigation launched by Denver Post reporter David Migoya, but those resignations leave more questions than answers. The public deserves to know why a $2.5 million contract and a sweetheart severance deal were offered to former chief of staff Mindy Masias after she was disciplined for discrepancies with her expense receipts.

Migoya uncovered through an open records request the severance agreement, which included wiping clean any record of Masias’ discipline and paying her for sick leave and vacation time that she had already used during a long-term medical leave. And then, a day after she resigned, she was awarded a $2.5 million contract to provide leadership training to the department. It’s a deal and a contract we’d be surprised to see awarded to any employee, especially one who had recently been in trouble.

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