Colorado state auditors investigating whistle-blower claims about fraud in Judicial Department

The Denver Post: Colorado auditors since late May have been investigating allegations of spending abuse and fraud in the state’s Judicial Department following an anonymous whistle-blower letter that laid out those claims, The Denver Post has learned.

Two high-ranking Judicial Department officials have already resignedamid a Denver Post inquiry into a $2.5 million leadership training contract awarded to the department’s former chief of staff, Mindy Masias. Masias received the contract even though she had been disciplined over concerns about allegedly altered receipts. Those concerns were serious enough that she was barred from future expense reimbursements, from approving any expenditures for anyone in the department, and from signing any department documents.

The $2.5 million contract and the Masias’ resignation agreement, which included converting months of medical leave to paid administrative leave, were not part of the whistle-blower’s letter.

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