Editorial: Keep our citizens informed

The Pagosa Springs SUN: In June, The SUN became aware that the Facilities and Campaign Committee had been formed by the county to take a look at last November’s failed ballot issue for a new jail and advise the commissioners about changes to make regarding the proposed facility.

The advisory group would also advocate for the new jail as a campaign committee.

The county advertised earlier this year for citizens to volunteer and serve on that committee.

When a report was given in a county meeting on June 26, The SUN became aware that the committee had held three or four meetings, some of them in private homes. Those meetings were not properly noticed public meetings as required by Colorado’s Open Meetings Law.

We brought up the matter with one committee member who said he would address the group about our concerns.

After that conversation, we took the issue to Archuleta County Commissioner Ron Maez who agreed that the meetings should be open to the public. He added that other advisory committees to the commissioners should also be noticing their meetings.

We commend Maez and the jail advisory committee for taking a stand and working toward open and transparent government. We wish more public officials would do the same.

This brings us to issues we have about how Archuleta County notices public meetings. It’s not sufficient for the county to only post a meeting notice on its bulletin board.

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