Editorial: Elijah McClain death probe illustrates Aurora must set policing standards, not police

Aurora Sentinel: There were no surprises Monday when Aurora officials released a long-awaited independent assessment of the death of Elijah McClain, infamously killed during a 2019 confrontation with city police.

The damning report created by experts, scrutinizing the circumstances leading to McClain’s death, provided greater detail of what officials and the community have long known: McClain, a young Black man, did nothing wrong and did nothing to warrant police harassing him, assaulting him and making a string of mistakes that caused his death. Had police spent initial seconds asking why McClain wore a ski mask on a summer night rather than immediately and aggressively pursuing him, Aurora, and the nation, would never have known it ever happened.

Instead, police officers, and later the entire police department, committed a cavalcade of errors, bad calls, biased reactions and botched investigations into the tragic death. The calamity turned the Aurora Police Department into the face of what the Black Lives Matter movement and a majority of disgusted and determined Americans are working to overcome, and deservedly so.

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