Editorial: The truth about Elijah McClain’s death must come out

The Denver Post: Aurora police were in the wrong from the first moment they contacted 23-year-old Elijah McClain until the man’s limp body was loaded onto a gurney and taken to the hospital where he died days later after doctors declared him brain dead and removed him from life support.

A report detailing the truth took 18 months to be released, and investigators found Aurora police officers and other first responders made horrible, inexcusable mistakes that led to McClain’s tragic death. Significant changes must be made in Aurora in response to the report, but police, fire and paramedic departments across the state must change too.

Make no mistake, other reports have been released, but those accounts of McClain’s final moments did not reflect the tragedy of what occurred and importantly didn’t call for changes to police training or operations that could prevent it from happening to someone else. Both Aurora Police and Fire departments investigated and concluded no policy was breached. The Aurora Police Department’s Force Review Board wrote that the force applied complied with departmental policy and training.

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