Discipline commission says state court administrator falsely accused it of withholding information

The Denver Gazette: Colorado’s state court administrator – the highest civilian position in the Judicial Department – last year falsely claimed judicial discipline officials failed to reveal they had admonished a district court judge of misbehavior before the judge was admitted to a senior judge program, the state’s discipline commission said in a letter filed Monday with legislators.

In fact, the commission had admonished the judge for rubbing his hairy chest on a female employee’s back years earlier, the commission said, and the department admitted him to the program anyway.

State Court Administrator Steven Vasconcellos told the Commission on Judicial Discipline in a letter June 11, 2021, that the retiring judge was admitted into the department’s senior judge program and stayed for two years until he was fired for the misconduct after a memo outlining his actions became public in early 2021.

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