Denver Fire Department to follow cops’ lead and encrypt radio traffic next month — though not all of it

The Denver Post: Following the lead of Denver police, radio traffic from the Denver Fire Department will no longer be accessible to the public starting next month, though one automated dispatch channel will remain open.

Fire department leaders in January made the decision to encrypt their radio traffic to make it easier to communicate with police, who decided to encrypt their traffic as well, fire department spokesman Greg Pixley said. Both agencies use the same radios, he said.

“What police are doing, we are following,” Pixley said.

The fire department’s radio traffic will disappear from public scanners at 4 a.m. March 18, Pixley said. However, the public will still be able to listen to automated dispatch alerts that tell firefighters where to go and the basics of what is happening there, though communication from firefighters on scene will be blocked, he said.

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