Dacono residents recall embattled city councilmembers in special election

KUNC: Dacono voters decided to recall two city councilmembers embroiled in controversy in a special election Tuesday, according to unofficial results released by the city clerk. Roughly 60% of voters opted to oust councilmembers Jim Turini and Jacki Thomas, instead supporting their two challengers, Alan Cummings and Michelle Rogers, who will now replace them.

Turini and Thomas faced the recall election amid allegations of open meetings law violations and breeches of council policy.

The disruptions in Dacono began in February, when Turini, Thomas and two other councilmembers abruptly fired longtime City Manager AJ Eukert in an off-agenda motion that appeared to have been coordinated beforehand. The group of four city councilmembers refused to discuss or justify their actions at the time.

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