Dacono city councilmembers attempted to block recall election amid possible meetings law violations

KUNC: The wheels of local government came to a screeching halt in the Dacono City Council chambers during a public meeting last Monday when a group of city councilmembers attempted to obstruct a recall election, marking the second time that group of councilmembers has tried to meddle with the recall vote.

The four councilmembers – Kathy Wittman, Jim Turini, Danny Long and Jackie Thomas – abruptly walked out of the meeting mid-vote, apparently to prevent the chamber from moving forward with efforts to plan the voter-initiated recall election against Thomas and Turini.

The most recent disruption comes after months of tension that began when the same four councilmembers unexpectedly fired the longtime Dacono City Manager AJ Eukert during a February meeting. The move appeared to be a coordinated effort. If that is the case, it would violate Colorado’s Open Meetings laws, a possibility that was recently investigated by state officials.

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