City of Loveland to begin talks to change open records practices

Reporter-Herald (Loveland): At the direction of the Loveland City Council, city of Loveland management staff will begin private talks April 24 to potentially change the way the city handles requests for information under the Colorado Open Records Act.

The specific nature of the changes is yet unknown, but city staff are operating based on direction given by the council via a rule of four April 3. The changes will be presented to council formally in about five weeks, said City Manager Steve Adams.

A CORA request is the state-specific version of the Federal Open Records Act request, or FOIA. With certain exceptions, submission of a CORA or FOIA request by any member of the public requires an organization or municipality to release public documents.

The city receives about 425 CORA requests on average each year, Adams said. Those records are managed by the City Clerk’s Office, which acts as a hub for requests directed to various city departments.

In accordance with CORA, it is city policy to “make public records available for inspection at reasonable times unless such records are protected from disclosure by law,” according to the city of Loveland website. There are sometimes fees associated with a request that asks for copies, or that requires significant staff time and resources to complete.

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