Open meetings law questions cloud upcoming Milliken decision to fill a vacant board position

The Greeley Tribune: Accusations of open meetings rule violations have cast a cloud over the Milliken Town Board’s upcoming decision on how to fill a vacant board position following the resignation of a recently elected board member.

Rachael Dugan earned the third-most votes in the April 3 Milliken Town Board election, which rewarded the four-highest vote getters with spots on the board.

Dugan, however, resigned from her seat before being sworn in, opening the door for someone else to take her seat.

It’s a complicated process, as it also involves a difference in term length. The Top 3 vote getters in this case earned four-year terms. The fourth-place person, Peggy Wakeman, earned a two-year term.

Should the board move the fifth-place person, LeRon Ehrlich, into the third spot, ahead of Wakeman? Should it move Wakeman into the third spot, and give her a four-year term, and then move Ehrlich into the fourth spot — the two-year term?

Those questions are supposed to be sorted out at a public meeting at 6:30 p.m. April 25 at the Milliken Police Department, 1201 Broad St., in Milliken.

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