Capitol gains: Fixing a broken system

Colorado Times Recorder: The crime would be easy to commit. Your chances of getting caught would be slim to none. If you did it right, your $40,000 per year part-time job could earn you far more than your salary in ill-gotten gains.

This is the environment members of the Colorado Senate operate in. What’s unclear is how many of them realize it.

This spring, the Colorado Times Recorder conducted an audit on the personal financial disclosures filed annually by every member of the state Senate by comparing the businesses and properties disclosed on each form against the public record. For the past few weeks, we have been publishing the findings of that audit. We reported that the laws governing transparency and disclosure by elected officials are full of holes, and that the system is un-audited and unenforced. We reported on several specific violations by two senators, amounting to millions of dollars in undisclosed assets and business interests. 

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