Bzdek: Releasing body cam video of controversial shooting is definitely ‘in the public interest’

The Gazette (Colorado Springs): The volatile national debate over police shootings of black suspects arrived full force in Colorado Springs last week, complete with vigils, video, protests, a short confrontation downtown and a fierce debate over what information the police should and shouldn’t give out in such cases.

The Gazette got directly involved in that debate when one of our reporters obtained surveillance video of the scene where De’Von Bailey, 19, was shot and killed.

Before posting that footage, we called El Paso County sheriff’s officials who are conducting the investigation, and told them we had the video and asked them if instead of us publishing it, they might release the body cam video of the shooting that a Colorado Springs police officer had taken. We suggested release of the video would cool temperatures running hot in the city over conflicting information from police and witnesses. The source of the video told us that police had the surveillance video in their possession as well.

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