Aurora couple sues UCHealth over CORA request by socialist group; claims conflicts of interest tied to Colorado Rockies owner

Aurora Sentinel: An Aurora couple has sued UCHealth and the University of Colorado Hospital Authority in an effort to compel the healthcare network to produce records requested under the Colorado Open Records Act, according to documents filed in Adams County District Court Wednesday.

Represented by Denver attorney Jason Legg, Aurora residents Alexander Koch and Emily Coday filed a lawsuit on May 22 in which they claim the Aurora-based hospital network’s brass, namely co-owner of the Colorado Rockies Dick Monfort, has engaged in multiple conflicts of interest. 

Legg, Koch and Coday are members of the Denver chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, a non-profit advocacy organization that works to promote socialist policies, according to the group’s website.

The local chapter of the socialist group has “pursued an investigation” into the healthcare organization and the University of Colorado Authority, the quasi-governmental board that oversees the operation of the nonprofit system, according to the suit. The plaintiffs are attempting to shine light on the hospital organization’s “profit-seeking business model.”

The hospital network authority reported about $435 million in profits in 2018, according to the lawsuit.

In 2018, UCHealth also provided $359 million in “uncompensated care” and contributed $854 million in “community benefits,” according to Dan Weaver, spokesman for UCHealth.

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