Adams County coroner declines to answer questions about Elijah McClain’s amended autopsy report

The Denver Gazette: The Adams County coroner’s office declined to answer specific questions Thursday about the newly released autopsy report on 23-year-old Elijah McClain’s death.

The new report, amended nearly two years after the incident, was released to the public last week. It came during a grand jury investigation into the actions of police officers and paramedics involved in the August 2019 attempted arrest of McClain, who now face criminal charges related to McClain’s death.

The coroner’s office released the unredacted amended autopsy following an order from Denver District Court’s chief judge. A group of news organizations led by Colorado Public Radio sued the coroner, Monica Broncucia-Jordan, to compel the release of the amended report.  The forensic pathologist contracted to perform the autopsy, Dr. Stephen Cina, changed his opinion to say McClain died from the injection of ketamine from a paramedic after he initially had the opinion McClain’s cause and manner of death were undetermined.

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