Chris Osher

News organizations ask Colorado Supreme Court to review and reverse ruling that keeps state’s database of law enforcement officers confidential

A Court of Appeals opinion keeping Colorado’s database of law enforcement officers confidential “creates a gaping hole” in the Colorado Open Records Act and broadens the scope of the criminal justice records law “beyond recognition,” two news organizations contend in a certiorari petition submitted to the Colorado Supreme Court.

Judge: AG denials of journalists’ requests for Colorado’s database of law enforcement officers were not an ‘abuse of discretion’

Colorado’s database of certified and decertified law enforcement officers will remain confidential after a judge Tuesday determined that the state Attorney General’s office did not abuse its discretion under the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA) when it denied journalists’ requests for the records in 2019 and 2020.

CFOIC’s year-in-review 2019: encrypted police radios, open internal affairs records, deleted emails

A split screen might be the best way to think about government transparency in Colorado in 2019. On one side is the ground-breaking new state law that opens records on completed police internal affairs investigations. On the other is the trend among law enforcement agencies in our state to encrypt 100 percent of their scanner transmissions.