Video to be kept secret in Boulder King Soopers mass shooting case

The Denver Post: An eight-minute video that shows the Boulder King Soopers mass shooting suspect inside the grocery store during the attack will be kept secret from the public even though it will be presented as evidence at an upcoming court hearing, a Boulder County district court judge ruled.

District Attorney Michael Dougherty cited the need to protect victims’ privacy and the defendant’s right to a fair trial in his July request that the video be made secret and not played in open court, but some experts say the move clashes with a cornerstone of the court system and violates a new state rule that governs when and how court records can be sealed.

“It‘s really a foundational principle of our country that we have open trials and open criminal proceedings in order to keep all of the parties involved honest,” said attorney Steve Zansberg, president of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition.

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