This Colorado newspaper settled a billionaire’s defamation suit. Then things got really ugly.

The Denver Post: Andrew Travers thought he had assurances that his beloved newspaper, The Aspen Times, would let him do his job.

That job: Rebuild the paper’s credibility by publishing two opinion columns that had been withheld by upper management as the Times negotiated a settlement with a Swedish billionaire, who sued the newspaper in April over its characterization of his past business dealings in Russia.

So Travers, the newly minted editor-in-chief, published the columns along with a series of internal emails about why the articles had been killed. The Times’ publisher, Allison Pattillo, had supported his decision, Travers said. He said he only agreed to take the top job believing there would no further restrictions on what he could and couldn’t publish.

But a day after publishing the columns and emails, they were removed from the Aspen Times’ website.

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