Mother pushes to have Colorado Springs Utilities release air quality records

From The Gazette (Colorado Springs): Monument lawyer Leslie Weise still wants the air quality records that Colorado Springs Utilities refused to provide in August, so she filed a petition Friday asking that a judge order their release.

Weise, who filed the action in the El Paso County courthouse, wants to see records from AECOM, the air quality services vendor for Utilities hired in December 2013.

Her son attends a public charter school 2½ miles from Martin Drake Power Plant. The school is in the direct path of the sulfur dioxide pollution plume from the plant, she writes, and she wants to ensure that the air is healthy to breathe.

“I ask this Court to order CSU to produce those records to protect a Mother’s right to the information necessary to protect her child from potentially unhealthy air quality in Colorado Springs,” her petition states.

A federal consent decree in March ordered the state to review SO2 levels in the Pikes Peak region. Modeled analyses by two other professional firms showed violations of the SO2 standards while Utilities’ monitor showed the levels well within compliance.

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