Douglas County Schools fails to provide full response to record request

Colorado Community Media: The Douglas County School District has refused to provide some documentation of records requests it received from people who sought the names of teachers absent on Feb. 3 — the day of a controversial sick-out. That includes the name of one person who withdrew their request, and any correspondence between them and the district that might shed light on how the request and withdrawal transpired. 

The district also declined to release those employees’ names, telling one record requester that it would violate staff’s medical confidentiality rights.

Community debate erupted following the sick-out, which was held to protest actions by the Douglas County School Board. At least 1,500 employees requested an absence that day, enough that it forced DCSD to cancel classes. In 2016, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled a teacher’s sick leave was not part of their confidential personnel file. But debate on the issue flared again amid DCSD’s sick-out and contentious calls for the list to be made public.

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