Democrats on legislative panel reject bill on CDOT spending transparency

From the Denver Business Journal:  An audit critical of the Colorado Department of Transportation for its lack of clear prioritizing for bridge funding was enough to draw rebukes from the Legislative Audit Committee last month — but apparently the audit was not scathing enough to move the legislative committee that oversees CDOT to demand more transparency from it.

Democrats on the Transportation Legislative Review Committee (TLRC) — a combination of the state House and Senate transportation committees that meets even when the Legislature is out of session — opposed a Republican effort Wednesday to draft a bill requiring CDOT to document why it chose to fund certain bridge projects through the “FASTER” program, which generates repair funds through increased car-registration fees.

State Rep. Dan Nordberg, a Colorado Springs Republican who proposed the bill, said he was “shocked” by the rejection and will talk with fellow caucus members to determine if they want to advance the idea in other ways.

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