Colorado Springs City Council holds meeting that wasn’t publicly posted ahead of time

From the Colorado Springs Independent:  Mayor Steve Bach apparently told some City Council members he wants to fire one of the Council’s employees, which prompted City Council President Keith King to call a Council meeting that wasn’t publicly posted ahead of time. That possibly could violate the state open meetings law.

At issue is Council Legislative Liaison George Culpepper’s efforts to research what the city should do to avoid any problems at Colorado Springs Airport posed by travelers carrying recreational marijuana. A source familiar with the circumstances of Culpepper’s situation who spoke on condition of anonymity says Culpepper contacted Alaska Airlines seeking information so he could report back to Council on what course to take.

The U.S. Department of Justice issued a memo in August saying that although the DOJ might not go after individuals for possession of small amounts of marijuana, the government still has priorities, which include preventing distribution to minors and “preventing the diversion of marijuana from states where it is legal under state law in some form to other states.”

An airline could be construed as such a diversion; hence, Culpepper’s inquiry.

Visit the Colorado Springs Independent for more.

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