The case of the missing emails

From The Complete Colorado:  By Todd Shepherd  I don’t know about you, but I get a minimum of 50 emails a day. I don’t have to send anything out, I don’t have to let anyone know if I’m at work or not, I’m going to get at least 50 emails a day: News alerts, calendar alerts, email newsletters, and then of course, people generating new messages to me.

Which is why I found it so odd, when recently I used the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) to request emails for a couple of government officials, and they told me they had nothing. I was asking for inbound emails, or outgoing emails, and in both cases – ZIP.

I CORA-requested all emails for Governor Hickenlooper’s Chief of Staff, Roxane White, for the days of March 28 and 31. I made that request on April 1. “There are no public records responsive to your request.”

Is Ms. White rigorously deleting her inbox, sent box, and trash? And if so, is there any rule or statute that says she shouldn’t?

Well, there’s certainly no statute that mandates how long documents – especially emails – should be kept.

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