After a small Colorado city paid cyber attackers a ransom, there’s concern about the rest of the state

The Colorado Sun: If Debbie Wilmot could turn back time, the city of Lafayette would have scanned its computer network regularly. It would have hunted down and plugged holes that tempt cyber prowlers. And there would have been more training sessions to keep cybersecurity awareness high among the town’s 200 employees.

The town of about 30,000 people is now just another statistic in the world of cyber crime. Lafayette became yet another victim of a cyber attack late last month that hijacked computer files and resulted in a disruption to the city’s computer network, phone lines and email. To avoid further disruption, officials paid the ransom.

“You’re never going to be in a place where you can eliminate 100% of the risk,” said Wilmot, a spokeswoman for the city. “That said, there’s definitely things you can do to make sure that you can recover things easily. … We’ll come out of the situation stronger, more productive and with our eyes open wider to be aware of what we need to do just to be more diligent of assessing our vulnerability.”

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