Here’s how Colorado Democrats ranked their spending priorities

The Denver Post: Colorado lawmakers have millions of dollars worth of decisions to make in the closing weeks of the legislative session, spread among dozens of bills that far surpass the budget allotted to them

To guide the decision-making process, the Democratic majority in each chamber secretly ranks the bills to gauge members’ priorities for the limited funds. The result does not guarantee a bill’s passage or failure and, leaders contend, isn’t a vote. It is instead a data point lawmakers use in weighing the policies, leaders said — and gives a peek into the majorities’ overall feelings as the end of the session approaches. Democrats have a supermajority in the House of Representatives and a near-supermajority in the Senate.

How the individual lawmakers rank the bills is kept secret, opening the process to criticism that it lacks transparency and accountability. Defenders say it’s a more open process than years past, when prioritization decisions were largely made in backrooms and without broader input. This is the first time the list has been made public. It was provided by Senate and House leadership.

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