Election bill would expand voting in tribal nations, put financial disclosures online in Colorado

Colorado Newsline: Lawmakers are looking to expand what financial details candidates must disclose, improve automatic voter registration on tribal lands and require faster upload of ballot cure data, among other provisions, in an election-related measure introduced at the Colorado Legislature on Tuesday.

“We have, I would say, one of the best election systems in the country. It’s proven to be very accessible. It’s proven to be very secure. But obviously we can always make improvements, and so just about every year I introduce a bill to make those small improvements,” Senate President Steve Fenberg, a Boulder Democrat, told reporters Tuesday.

Senate Bill 23-276 was drafted in coordination with stakeholders including the secretary of state’s office and county clerks.

One provision of the bill would work to improve voter access on tribal lands by expanding the state’s automatic voter registration system to include lists provided by tribal councils. It would be the first program of its type in the country. Right now, eligible voters are automatically registered to vote when they interact with the DMV.

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