Sengenberger: Denver’s school board must stop hiding

The Denver Gazette: From illegally holding meetings behind closed doors to deflecting from their culpability in school safety failures, Denver’s school board keeps hiding from the public. Unfortunately for the dysfunctional seven-member board, the public isn’t having it any longer — and the board’s breaches of transparency and trust are ever more apparent.

On Monday evening, the Denver Public Schools board rejected an effort by President Sochi Gaytán to discipline Tay Anderson, the board’s vice president, for what would have been his second censure. In part, Gaytán accused Anderson of publicly revealing contents of a confidential March 23 executive session that never should have been held privately in the first place.

When the item was removed from the agenda in a 6-1 vote, it was ostensibly because the internal squabble threatened to distract from the priority of school safety — a subject now front and center following school shootings at East High School and violence plaguing the district. “Anything happening amongst us is not even secondary,” Quattlebaum stated. “It shouldn’t even make the top 10. It shouldn’t matter at all. Because our babies don’t feel safe.”

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