Dacono City Council votes to formally censure two of its own

Longmont Times-Call: The Dacono City Council has censured Mayor Pro Tem Kathryn Wittman and Councilmember Danny Long for their actions leading up to and after the firing of former Dacono City Manager A.J. Euckert.

On Feb. 13, Wittman and Long, as well as then councilmembers Jim Turini and Jackie Thomas, voted to terminate Euckert, who had worked for the city for more than 20 years, without providing any public notice or an explanation as to why.

Although Euckert’s employment was not listed on the Feb. 13 city council meeting’s agenda, Wittman, Long, Turini and Thomas seemed to know that it would be brought up, which it was, by Wittman.

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