Scripps News obtains bodycam video of past incident with mass shooter

Denver7: Scripps News fought to obtain video of the June 2021 incident that unfolded in a neighborhood outside of Colorado Springs in hopes of giving the public a clearer understanding of what happened between the person who would go on to kill five people at Club Q.

Criminal charges filed after the troubling incident were not enough to stop Anderson Aldrich from carrying out the mass shooting at the LGBTQ nightclub in November 2022. Aldrich pleaded guilty to the mass shooting and was sentenced to life in prison. 

Deputies responded to the 2021 scene after the suspect’s grandmother, Pam Pullen, called 911 to report that her grandchild, Aldrich, who was 21 at the time, had been “putting stuff together to make a huge bomb” with plans to “go out in a blaze” and kill the family.  

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