Denver Gazette appeals judge’s decision to let Denver Public Schools keep administrators’ discipline records secret

The Denver Gazette: Denver Public Schools does not want the public to see the discipline records of its administrators — conduct by principals and others that could range from the mundane to the egregious — because it says, and a judge has agreed, it could damage the public’s interest in ensuring a well-run school district.

Even though Denver District Court Judge Marie Avery Moses already determined that four years’ worth of discipline records sought by The Denver Gazette — from 2018 through 2021 — were public documents, she eventually sided with DPS’s additional assertions that releasing them would “create a substantial injury to the public.”

Avery Moses also prevented the disclosure of any discipline matters pertaining to sexual harassment, meaning parents would never know when an administrator — and by extension teachers — in a school where their child is a pupil was disciplined for that behavior.

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